Monday, March 26, 2018

Adventures in Wine Country

Close followers of my life may be aware that I earn extra fact money by working as a driver for a concierge delivery service catering to assorted eccentric tinkerers, demimondes louches, and offbeat fraternal organizations. The Bay Area is awash in such folks, so it's a pretty secure line of work. Plus, when you're a giant rat, customers can be confident that it's definitely not a cop disguised as a deliveryman standing on their porch, doorstep, threshold or liminal space. In fact, that's why I'll be spending a week up in the "around Napa in general" Area. There's a big mad scientist shindig or something going on, and as one of the company's elite VV couriers (visually verifiable), I'll be scurrying around, catering to their deliverable whims. Fun Fact: The madder they are, the bigger they tip.

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